A Skill-Building Program for College Bound Students 

This two-week summer program is designed for students who are considering careers in mathematics, biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine, nursing, physics and other scientific fields. Classes reinforce and build on the science and mathematics you have already learned. By participating in this program, you will gain the confidence and skills to excel in college and beyond. The program also has been specifically designed for students traditionally underrepresented in mathematics and the sciences.

Classes will meet on the Elmhurst College campus every day from July 22 to August 3, 2001. Students will live on the Elmhurst campus during the Summer Academy and will attend both day and evening sessions. All participating students will be provided with meals.

In addition to knowledge of science and mathematics, you will have the opportunity to experience life on a college campus and to make friends with others who will be entering college soon.

Team Projects to Guide Your Work

You will also have the opportunity to work closely with Elmhurst College faculty members. Students and faculty will form teams to explore projects in computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and mathematics.

  • Special emphasis will be placed on math problems to sharpen your skills in algebra, advanced algebra, and trigonometry.

  • You will have the opportunity to learn 'real world' applications of mathematics and science.

Individual Progress is Important

The Elmhurst College Summer Academy in Science and Mathematics is designed to make sure your individual needs are met and your program will be tailored to your own level of knowledge. In addition to college faculty members, current Elmhurst College students will work with you to achieve your goals.

Learn Major Computer Programs

Participants in the Summer Academy will have many opportunities to use computers to explore math and science. Exploration of the Worldwide Web and other aspects of the Internet are also part of the program. We want every student to get acquainted with major software packages that are used in math and science. Among the Software you will learn to use are:





Parent Participation is Encouraged

The first day of the Summer Academy will begin with a meeting for students, parents, faculty, and staff. We will encourage you to have your parents participate because one goal of the program is to help make your transition from high school to college  positive and successful. By having your parents attend this session, they will meet faculty and be active partners in your college experience.

Who Can Enroll

The Summer Academy is limited to 25 students. All high school students (including college-bound high school seniors) who are interested in improving their knowledge of mathematics and science are encouraged to apply.

To express your interest in the Summer Academy, click here or call (630)617-3400. We will be happy to send you additional information about Elmhurst College and the Summer Academy in Mathematics and Science.

Selection Criteria

To qualify to participate in the Academy, students must clearly demonstrate their interest in mathematics and the sciences. Specifically, students will be expected to have a good college preparatory background in mathematics and science courses in high school and be recommended by their high school mathematics or science teachers. In certain circumstances, prospective participants may be invited for an interview with the Academy Director to determine eligibility.  

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