Elmhurst College
Summer Academy
in Mathematics and Science

This summer, participate in the Chicago area’s premier program to prepare high school students for college-level work. The Elmhurst College Summer Academy in Mathematics and Science provides a remarkable learning opportunity for high school students and recent graduates. You will sharpen your math skills, explore important topics in science, develop your mastery of computer programs, and gain con_dence in your ability to succeed in college. For thirteen days you will live on our beautiful campus, and its exceptional learning and recreational resources will be fully available to you.

How’s it work?
Classes meet every day for two weeks at the height of summer. Elmhurst’s exceptional math and science faculty will be your teachers. You will live in a campus residence hall and take your meals in the dining hall of the Frick Center, our impressive, newly renovated student union.

Who’s it for?
The Summer Academy is ideal for high school students who are considering careers in such rewarding fields as mathematics, computer science, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, nursing, and many others. The program is designed specifically for students from groups underrepresented in such professions. All high school students—including college-bound high school seniors—are encouraged to apply.

What’s the goal?
Classes expand on what you already know from your high school courses. By participating, you will gain not only knowledge in key academic areas but also the skills and confidence to excel, in college and beyond. You also will experience life on a great college campus, and make new friends with other students who will soon enter college.

What’s the cost?
Students accepted to the Academy are required to pay a $200 registration fee. Students may apply for need-based scholarships for all or part of this fee with the approval of their high school guidance counselor. In this case, the program provides classes, meals, on-campus residence, and access to fitness facilities to Academy participants for no charge. High school students may take the Academy for college credit at the cost of an additional $800. The registration fee is waived for students taking the Academy for credit.

When should I apply?
Apply as soon as possible, because space is limited. To make the experience as effective as possible for each participant, the Academy is limited to 30 students. You must submit an official high school transcript and recommendation letter from your guidance counselor or math or science teacher in addition to the application.

When can I start?
Classes will meet in day and evening sessions from Sunday, July 20, through Friday, August 1.

Join the Team
At the Summer Academy, you will work closely with faculty members and students of Elmhurst College. With students and faculty, you will form teams to explore issues in computer science, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology. The academic program is tailored individually to your own level of learning and knowledge. The Academy places special emphasis on math. You will sharpen your skills in algebra, advanced algebra, and trigonometry, and will discover the real-world applications of math and science.

Learn Computer Programs
Summer Academy students have plenty of opportunities to use computers to explore math and science. The World Wide Web and other aspects of the Internet are important parts of the program. Students get acquainted with major software packages used in math and science. Among the software you will learn to use are Derive, PCSolve, Mathematica, and Maple.

Start your college search
The Summer Academy begins with a meeting for students, parents, faculty, and staff. We encourage you to bring your parents to this meeting on Sunday, July 20. One goal of the program is to help you to make a successful transition from high school to college. At this session, your parents will become active partners in beginning your college experience.
To participate in the Academy, click here to register and have your official high school transcripts and a letter of recommendation from your math or science instructor sent to the Office of Admission at Elmhurst College.

Experience Elmhurst College
The Summer Academy makes its home on the campus of one of the most appealing colleges in the Midwest. At Elmhurst, our greatest strength is the excellence of our faculty and academic programs. In “America’s Best Colleges,” an annual survey by U.S. News & World Report, Elmhurst consistently ranks in the top tier of liberal arts colleges in the region.
We earn the honor, year after year, by offering superior teaching on a personal scale. More than 90 percent of our faculty hold the highest academic degree in their field. What’s more, these scholars love to teach—in small classes, where they come to know their students as individuals with distinct outlooks and unique gifts.
The campus abounds in educational and recreational resources. Many students live in one of the residence halls, alongside students from other cities, states, and countries. Campus technology includes a great computer center, a proton accelerator, and a 24-track music recording studio. Other facilities, such as the Tyrrell Fitness Center, provide students with places to meet friends, work out, or enjoy a meal.
Most freshmen participate in one or more of our 87 student groups, including intramural and intercollegiate sports. Elmhurst fields 16 teams in NCAA Division III.

Request for Information
To learn more about the Summer Academy, or for information about undergraduate programs at Elmhurst College, call us, at (630) 617-3400.