Elmhurst College students have been active in learning and discovering new mathematical information, techniques, and applications.  Elmhurst College has a long history of student participation in the Mathematics Division of the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area Student Spring Symposium, local seminars, and national meetings.

Local and Regional Presentations
National Presentations



        In 1990, Donna Peers presented her paper, "Group Theory Through Card Shuffling," at the Pi Mu Epsilon National meeting in Columbus, Ohio.

         In 1991, Mark Dobner presented his paper, "The Intermediate Value Property," at the Pi Mu Epsilon National Mathematics Honorary meeting in Orono, Maine.  He was one of eight award winners from among the 48 papers presented at the meeting.

        In 1997, Carrie J. Eschenbrenner presented her paper, "Orlik-Solomon Algebras and Tutte Polynomials, " at the Annual American Mathematical Society Meeting in San Diego, California.

       In 1998, MaryBeth Lake presented her paper, "Just-About-Right Scales, " at the Pi Mu Epsilon National meeting in Toronto, Ontario.
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