"The reason I'm back is to explain the value of my math background in my business career.  I started eleven years ago in the industry as a production planner.  My math background was invaluable to me in many ways.  One key to success in business is to know your product!  My product is somewhat technical in nature.  My mathematics background helped me easily acquire product knowledge.  My background in geometry allowed me to read blueprints easily the ability to go from a two dimensional plan to envision the three dimensional object!  I understood dimensional tolerances, so I could converse with our engineers intelligently.  As I get more involved in finance, mathematical dexterity is a plus.  Most of all, math gave me the powers of deductive reasoning and rational thought.  Sure you can learn about deductive reasoning in a logic class, but you use deductive reasoning in every math problem you solve.  Problem-solving skills are another key to business success, and deductive reasoning is at the heart of problem solving.  Why are problem-solving skills important?  Because part of our job in business is to create problems!  Problems of growth and change are expected and hoped for.  If you are not creating problems, then your business is stagnating.

Understand that your math background is not just giving you experience with numbers, theorems, rules, . . . .  It's giving you the experience in deductive reasoning and rational thinking.  Rational thought and deductive reasoning skills are the keys to problem solving!  It's giving you the key to problem solving in life.

Being a math major at Elmhurst College is a tough road to choose.  I chose that road and I'm glad I did.  Appreciate your math classes.  I do now more than I ever did when I was in school."

From a presentation to Mathematics and Computer Science Majors at a Career Night by a National Sales Manager for an electronic component company.

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