Elmhurst College

Department of Mathematics &
Department of Physics
Seminar Series - Spring 2013

*Feb. 27 Dr. Jason Reed. Adler Planetarium
"Zooniverse" Illinois Hall

March 6 Dr. Abigail Hoit, Elmhurst College
"Chebyshev's Inequality, Natural Density, and Niven Numbers in Non-Standard
Base Systems"

March 13 Erich Hauenstein, College of DuPage,
"Newton's Method and Chaos"

March 20 Dr. Allen Rogers, Elmhurst College
"Euler's Series for the Cosine of a Multiple Angle, II"

March 27 No Seminar -- Spring Break

*April 1 "Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry"
(Monday) Illinois Hall

April 9 ACCA Mathematics Talks - Melanie Wood, University of Wisconsin-Madison
(Tuesday) "The Chemistry of Primes" and "Prime number races" at 5 pm and 7 pm
At Wheaton College

April 17 Dr. Jon L. Johnson, Elmhurst College
"Problems inspired by MMC talks"

April 24 No Seminar

May 1 Dr. Venkatesh Gopal, Elmhurst College
"Bell's Inequalities"

May 8 Senior Paper Presentations- Note: This session will go from 3:30 - 5:00
Room 113 of Daniels Hall.

All talks are on Wednesday from 4:00-5:00 p.m. on the second floor of Daniels Hall in Room 213, unless
otherwise noted in Bold. Talks marked with an * are especially appropriate for a general audience. Please
contact Dr. Jon Johnson at 630-617-3571 or at jonj@elmhurst.edu for more information or if you would like
to give a talk next semester.

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