Elmhurst College

Department of Mathematics & Department of Physics
Seminar Series - Spring 2011

February 23 Dr. James A. Sellers, Penn State University
5:00pm "Revisiting What Euler and the Bernoullis Knew About Convergent Infinite Series"
6:00pm Dinner and conversation
7:00pm "Tiling Proofs of Recent Sum Identities Involving Pell numbers"
Note: ACCA Spring Mathematics Lecture held at Trinity Christian College

*March 3 Mr. Dean Jensen, Elmhurst College
"Skype: Connecting and Collaborating Both In and Out of the Classroom"

*March 9 Dr. Anthony DeLegge, Benedictine University
"Mathematics Behind The Price Is Right and Press Your Luck"

March 16 Dr. Catherine Crawford, Elmhurst College
"Associate Rule Mining"

March 23 No Seminar (Spring Break)

March 30 Dr. Evans Afenya, Elmhurst College
"Mathematical Modeling as a Resource in Clinical Trials"

April 6 Dr. Venkatesh Gopal, Elmhurst College
"Dithering - Adding Noise to Make More Precise Measurements"

April 13 Dr. Brian Wilhite, Elmhurst College
"Extrasolar Planets"
Note: This talk will be held in Illinois Hall (Science Center 120)

April 20 Dr. Aliza Steurer, Dominican University
"Using Cannonballs to Introduce Elliptic Curves"

April 27 No Seminar

May 5 Senior Paper Presentations as part of the Elmhurst College Research and
(Thursday) Performance Showcase

May 11 Senior Paper Presentations, followed by the Math & Physics Spring Party

All talks are on Wednesday from 4:00-4:50 p.m. on the first floor of Daniels Hall in Room 113, unless otherwise noted. Talks marked with an * are especially appropriate for a general audience. Please contact Dr. Catherine Crawford at 630-617-3479 or email crawford@elmhurst.edu for more information or if you would like to give a talk.

Updates to the schedule can be found at http://math.elmhurst.edu/Spring11.html

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