Elmhurst College

Department of Mathematics &
Department of Physics
Seminar Series -- Spring 2009

Updates to the schedule can be found at

*Mar. 4 Dr. Steven Jordan, University of Illinois at Chicago and Elmhurst College
"The Lost Tables Of Mathematics, And What We Can Learn From Them"

Mar. 11 Drew Shulman, University of Illinois at Chicago and Elmhurst College
"Fermat's Last Theorem"

Mar. 18 Dr. David Yuen, Lake Forest College
"Public Key Cryptography"

Mar. 25 No seminar talk this week. (Spring Break)

*Apr. 1 Dr. Steve Condie, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
"High School Mathematical II: Senior-Year Calculus Problems"

Apr. 8 No seminar talk this week (Math 400 extended discussion)

Apr. 15 Dr. Jerry Bona, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Rogue Waves, Tsunamis and Sand Bars"

Apr. 22 Dr. Evans Afenya, Elmhurst College
"Let Models Flourish"

*Apr. 29 Dr. Richard Greenleaf, Elmhurst College
"Criminal Justice Research Methods: The Cons"

*May 7 (Thursday) Senior Paper Presentations as part of the Elmhurst College
Research and Performance Showcase

*May 13 Senior Paper Presentations

All talks are on Wednesday from 4:00-5:00 p.m. on the second floor of Daniels Hall (formerly called the Computer Science and Technology Center) in Room 213, unless otherwise indicated. Talks marked with an * are especially appropriate for a general audience. Please contact Dr. Abigail Hoit at 630-617-3414 or at abigailh@elmhurst.edu for more information or if you would like to give a talk.

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