Elmhurst College

Departments of Mathematics & Physics
Seminar Series - Spring 2004

*February 25 - Ayanna Gaines (Elmhurst College)
"Making Presentations and Posters Using the Large Plotter"
Note: Meet in A. C. Buehler Library Room 108

March 3 - David Ashton (Argonne National Laboratory)
"Parallel Programming and MPICH"

March 10 - Jason Samuels (South Suburban College)
"Math on a Rainy Afternoon"

March 17 - John Jeffrey (Elmhurst College)
"History of Algorithms and Analysis for Traveling Salesperson Computational Problem"

March 24 - No Seminar - Spring Break

*March 31 - Student Practice Talks for the ACCA Symposium held April 3.

April 7 - Ed Packel (Lake Forest College)
"Projectile Motion with Resistance, Experimental Mathematics, and the Lambert W Function"

April 14 - Sharon McCathern (University of Chicago)
"Minkowski's Theorem and Sums of Squares"

April 21 - Jon Johnson (Elmhurst College)
"Long Division and Groebner Bases"

April 28 - Michael Geline (University of Chicago)
"Representations of Finite Groups"

May 5 - Senior Paper Presentations

May 12 - Senior Paper Presentations
Math/Physics Department Cookout after the presentations in Wilder Park

All talks are on Wednesday from 4:00-4:50 p.m. on the second floor of the Computer Science and Technology Center in Room 213 (except those indicating otherwise). Everyone is invited for refreshments preceding the talks from 3:30-4:00 p.m. in the second floor lounge. Talks marked with an * are especially appropriate for a general audience. Any announcements or changes can be found at http://math.elmhurst.edu. Please contact Professor Catherine Crawford at 630-617-3479 or at crawford@elmhurst.edu for more information or if you would like to give a talk.

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