Elmhurst College

Department of Mathematics
Seminar Series - Fall 1999

September 22 - Dr. Abigail Hoit, Elmhurst College
"Binary Sequences and Beyond"

September 29 - Dr. John Jeffrey, Elmhurst College
"Analysis of Algorithms"

October 6 - Dr. Evans Afenya, Elmhurst College
"Propagation of Delays in Biomedical Systems"

October 13 - Dr. Allen Rogers, Elmhurst College
"Lower Bounds on Strip Discrepancy"

October 20 - Dr. Linda Salchenberger, Loyola University
"Financial Applications of Neural Networks"

October 27 - Dr. Donald Mason, Elmhurst College
"Comparing Statistics Software Packages"

*November 3 - Dr. Marie Baehr, Elmhurst College
"Knowing Mathematics in a Non-Mathematics Field - How does it help or hinder?"

*November 10 - Dr. Phyllis Kowalke, Elmhurst College
"Natural Language Processing"

*November 17 - Prof. James Dauer & Mike Ekkert (senior IS major), Elmhurst College
"Robots with Eyes: A Practical Demonstration of Robotic & Vision Systems in a Manufacturing Environment"

November 24 - Thanksgiving - no seminar

December 1 - Senior Paper Presentations

December 8 - Senior Paper Presentations

All talks are on Wednesday from 4:00-5:00 p.m. on the second floor of
the Computer Science and Technology Center in Room 213. Everyone is
invited to a tea preceding the talks from 3:30-4:00 p.m. in the second
floor lounge. Talks marked with an * are especially appropriate for a
general audience. Please contact Prof. Jon Johnson at 630-617-3572 or
at jonj@elmhurst.edu for more information or if you would like to give
a talk.

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